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Mushing is a lifestyle. It takes a lot of dedication, patience and financial support!  Maintaining a kennel of healthy dogs is expensive! Mushing is an individual sport and without the physical, emotional and financial support of fans, it would be very difficult! If we didn't have fans we wouldn't have races!  That's the fans (YOU!) that we see on social media, at the races and as we are working or traveling!


The health (both physical and mental) of these highly-trained athletes is of upmost importance at Dream Big.  Being a veterinary technician, Beckie can attend to minor things as needed but occasionally veterinary care is necessary. Covering health and basic equipment costs is the first priority and if we have extra, well that's how the racing is funded!  Racing sled dogs is not a lucrative sport meaning that even if you win a little bit of money when racing, it goes right back into the dogs.


Join the team by sponsoring a race dog or puppy!


Some of the costs associated with a healthy team include yearly vaccinations, regular deworming schedule, periodic veterinary visits and a very high calorie diet.


Yearly expenses are approximately per dog:


  • Vaccinations (yearly): $60 per dog 

  • Deworming (monthly): $60 per dog/year

  • High calorie diet: $1000 per dog/year

Race expenses to run a 300 mile qualifying race are approximately:


  • Entry fee: $500-800

  • Gas to/during and home again:  $500

  • Hotel or housing before/during after:  $800

  • Banquet tickets and other mandatory meetings:  $200

  • Checkpoint supplies:  $200

  • Booties: $1200 for the team

  • Musher supplies (batteries/extra items):  $200

To become an Athlete Sponsor contact Beckie directly - via email ( or follow us on social media (Facebook or Instagram).  Updates are posted on there.

Another way to help contribute to the Dream Big Team!  We have a store open on Spreadshirt with quality merchandise that ships directly to your home!


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