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Adventure Awaits

Have you ever wanted to see sled dogs in action?  Do you have questions regarding dog care and what exactly do we do as mushers?  Do you want to learn how to drive a sled?  If your answer is yes - book your adventure with us!

If you would like a guided drive out to the kennel with a knowledgeable Alaska guide we do have shuttle service from Anchorage by booking directly with 907 Tours.  You can make your reservation by calling (907) 947-9425 or checking out their website at

Our adventures are set up to be as hands on as you want, in order to make your  experience all you want it to be.  Learn how to put a harness on one of the eager athletes as they get ready to pull you down the trail.  Talk with experienced mushers to learn the answers to the many questions you have.

See the ins and outs of our daily lives as we introduce you to the specialized husbandry of our Alaskan Huskies.  Our open communication and importance of education policy will bring you intimately involved with sled dog sports and our amazing Alaskan Husky athletes.  

We can accommodate larger groups or more intimate groups of 1 or 2 people.  Whatever your group size is we can work with what you want to make your experience be!  

Kennel Adventure - $70 / person 

Tour time at 11 am

Can accommodate large groups of up to 10 

**Includes: Welcome to the kennel, meeting the dogs, talk with an experienced guide while you warm your self around a small camp fire or in our wood heated yurt with hot beverages and snacks.

Adventure of a Life Time: $140 / person (Tour time approximately 2 hours)

Tour starts at  11 am

Maximum reservation 6 people 

Once you reach the kennel, you will be greeted by 40 excited Alaskan Huskies.  Your guide will direct you to our wood heated yurt where you will be able to get ready with your outer layers for your 45 minute ride with the dogs.  Once you are prepared you will head out to your sled where your excited dog team awaits you!  Head out on the trail with an experienced guide who will teach you the basics of sled driving, amaze you with facts about the area and the dogs, while you take in some of the most breath taking scenery Alaska has to offer.  On a clear day Denali will be shown with all her glory, the Talkeetna mountains are also visible from our trail system. Once back at the kennel you will have time to meet your team and show your appreciation with pets and scratches, take your time warming yourself in the heated yurt with premium hot beverages and snacks while you have informational conversation with your guide.

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