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Starlight Star Bright

There is nothing more magical than running dogs at night. I love it - absolutely love it! There is also nothing better than camping with those said dogs when they are behaving!

I had an opportunity to work as a dog sledding guide (on SNOW!) for a friend of mine this past week and I have to admit it was pretty cool! They do sled tours for people in Northern Minnesota and take great pride in letting people get a feel for driving their own teams and seeing what its really like!

I did a few day trips and one over night trip to the yurt. The over night trip I have to say was pretty amazing! Being a guide we didn't sleep in the yurt with the guests - we had a string of about 30 dogs that needed to be watched! I had the option of sleeping in a tent but it was SO beautiful out and not really that cold (the over night low was only about 18F) that I took the opportunity to sleep with my dogs under the stars.

All I have to say is it was amazing - being north away from the city lights is kind of my thing lately but to be honest this was a different kind of calm. The dogs behaved and slept pretty much all night, my little Bing dog made herself very useful as a neck warmer as she wouldn't climb all the way in my bag with me, and I fell asleep watching the stars.

Sounds super corny but these are the things I enjoy. I was warm, I was happy and I was enjoying my time alone. I made some changes in my thought process and I woke up feeling pretty good about things. If you get a chance you really should just sleep under the stars... It can be a pretty amazing night. I tried to take a picture but all I really carry is my phone ....sorry Apple your camera just can't capture the amaziness of the Milky Way on a clear night!!

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