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Adventure of Miss Toes...

So I wasn't going to have any puppies this year. Nope not gonna do it. I have enough dogs and will have my hands full training them this season. NO more puppies... until there was one... Damn it... Ugh.... Miss Toes was out of a really good accidental breeding between Sir Cole (yep my main man) and a little lady lead dog named Carolina. Nope not gonna do it! But of course one of the little girls has a weird injury around a foot that is discovered when I was doing the dewclaws... damn it....

So here comes the end of the season in Skagway and a damn puppy has found her way into my trailer.... 6 weeks old and a little shy. She's got 3 normal toes and 1 little tiny toe on one of her rear feet, thus Toes is her name. This little turd has turned into a sassy pants. She hangs with the boxers and will NOT let Stevie tell her what to do or will go after her if she's playing too ruff with her! Its hilarious to watch this 5lb puppy chase a fully grown puppy (OK Stevie is only about 40 lbs but she tackles 60 lbs sled dogs on the regular!) telling her that she hurt her feelings!

Little Miss Toes is actually a pretty good little pup, she comes when she's called, she is learning to sit, she rides in the truck (she will even stand up like the big dogs do with her front feet when I tell her to load up - I'm not even kidding it is the cutest damn thing I have ever seen!). So riding in the truck is where this story is leading too.....

Story begins in Willow, I'm renting a dog yard and cabin from another musher and its wonderful. I love the location, I have trail access, I have everything I need... so we started running today (the big dogs) and I needed to drop things off at the storage unit, pick up some fall running clothes and stop and get meat for the dogs... No big deal, just a quick trip to town. So Old Man Soap has basically parked himself by the truck so there is no chance of me leaving with out him, OK load up buddy, then we have the boxers. Heaven forbid they would be left behind! Then the baby, loves to go in the truck and seriously it is the cutest damn thing when I say load up and she puts her front feet on the running boards cuz that's all the bigger she is...and waits for me to lift her up, I can't even stand it.

Stop at the storage unit, I usually let the dogs to run around and go mistake happens right here... please note that I was there for about 10 minutes, but if you have children you understand why you need to make them use the rest room any chance they get. Same with puppies, any time you can let them go potty outside you take that opportunity. EVERY OPPORTUNITY YOU TAKE IT!!

Done at the storage unit, head to the feed store, I buy one block of meat and don't even really chit chat! I need to get home and feed dogs before it gets dark! Head out to the truck to open the hatch and I'm hit with a smell.... Hmmmmm that's not a dog fart....Actually can you please be a dog fart? PLEASE....load the meat and close the hatch.... please let that be a really bad dog fart....

Open the front door and smell the fart??? Nope.... Damn it...Look in the back seat and I see Old Man Soap laying in his spot with a big old greasy puppy shit right on his back. "You have got to be kidding me...." is all I could say. No dog farts here... the real deal has happened.

Stevie heads towards the back, luckily without touching said pile of crap. Earl looks at me, steps on Soap right in the pile of shit launching himself into the front seat to get away from the offender who certainly is going to be beat severely.... so now I have a shitty dog, lots of crap tracked into the front seat and on my jacket that was laying on the seat.... Sigh, I open the back door and out tumbles the most happy poop covered little 5 pound sack of wiggles you could ever see!! She was so excited that she smeared the shit all over herself in order to get to me faster!!! And a little yelp of happiness is all it took and I couldn't stop laughing. Like can't breath, tears forming in my eyes, almost peed my pants laughing.

As I picked the shit covered puppy up from the parking lot, Soap decides that he's had enough and turns around, smearing the poop allllllllll over the back seat blanket and himself. I'm standing in the parking lot, holding a puppy, trying to use door napkins to clean some of the crap off, laughing hysterically as the guy comes walking out with a roll of paper towels and asks "Do you need some of these? " Looks in the back seat and just starts laughing.

I wanted to take a picture of the back poop, but obviously I didn't get my phone out fast enough. I really feel like some days I should have a camera crew following me around to catch some of this excitement. Or maybe this is a ridiculous story and its not even really that funny. I however think its hilarious! The enthusiasm that puppy has for life I think should be bottled, and I could be a millionaire! She's actually starting to make Stevie look like a normal dog... I have a feeling that this isn't the last story that you will hear about Miss Toes and her adventures though puppy hood....

Stay tuned.... I wonder if its time to trade in the Tahoe... how would I even do that? Can I do it sight unseen and they just trust me its in great condition? I will probably have to drive this thing into the ocean to get rid of it....

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