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Legend of Soap Here...A sled dog leader

I have a story, a story of a 4-legged legend.

Rarely do dogs get to tell their own stories (well number one is because they can't talk...) so I'm putting Soap's together for him.

This young man was born in 2004, in the kennel of Susan Butcher! Talk about your sled dog royalty! He was bought as a yearling and moved to Michigan where he became a team member and an Iditarod dog! Soap trained for and ran Iditarod several times coming from Michigan before I met him.

I met him in the fall of of 2014, when I went to work in Michigan. He was the happiest dog in the dog yard. All tail wags and smiles. At the age of 10 he was one of the older dogs but still happy to run and see his harness!

Training puppies was something that he excelled at. He would drag those little legs through water puddles, past snow machines, through deep snow, he didn't care. We were going down the trail! And he generally listened very well - just wanted to make me happy!

So training we went! He then got to go back to Alaska with me for tourist season! He's been with me since and as far as he is concerned he is happiest laying in fresh straw or riding in a truck! He prefers big semi or UNIMOG trucks but any truck will do!

I recently got an email from a lady who worked with him as a puppy and knew his mom :) his litter was one of the last litters that Susan Butcher harness broke out of her kennel, that is pretty special! Susan Butcher is an idol and from what I hear one tough lady - I never did get to meet her. Loon who was Soap's mother was also a very happy dog, he definitely has gotten that gene. I love hearing the back ground on older dogs who I have gotten to work with!

Mr. Soap you have won my heart and the hearts of many! I am very happy to have you in my little crew and I hope you have been happy with us as well

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