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There are a bazillion and one different kinds of religion in the world. Even those that say they belong to the same religion can believe different things. This is one of the great things of being a human and having our own thoughts and beliefs.

I am not a religious person, I don't believe that every thing or thoughts can fit into the square sides of one box (organized religion). I have been doing a lot of soul searching, wandering, thinking and expanding my mind by enjoying the simple things that life has to offer over the last few years and I've come to the conclusion that while I'm not religious I am spiritual, according to Google I am an Omnist. Omnism is the recognition and respect in all religions. I don't care what you believe, we all need to believe in something, whether its nothing (atheist) or everything. What I'm finding is that I believe that the universe creates our world that we live in as individuals, our decisions make our path and how we treat others defines who we are and how we will be treated.

In the last few years I have had so many good things happen in my life its hard to name them all. Some might see the individual things as horrible events (lets just talk about my mechanical issues with my truck as one example!) but as I look back and try and focus on the good, the bad actually have lead me to make different decisions and maybe take a different path than what I originally thought. With that thought they have also put very very special people in my life, that I may not have met otherwise. My angels! From new mechanics, to new co-workers, to ordinary random every day people who have given me the push that I need to move forward one more step in my journey. All of the people have had a choice to stay or to leave and the ones that I cherish have chosen to stay, in many different capacities. Even the ones that have left whether it be abruptly or to make a silent exit all have done something to shake up my world and help me develop a better me.

If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would be living in Alaska, spending time with 30 of my own dogs, I would have probably laughed at you - ya right! But that's right where I am right now. The kindness and generosity of the people that I have met in the last few years is borderline absurd but if I step back and take a look, its a reflection of the way that I am trying to live my life. Its hard for me to accept the kind words or the generosity of a gesture without a thought of some sort of eventual backlash meant to hurt, because that is what I have experienced in the past. I am trying to accept them graciously and without expectation of a recoil or angry word once the appreciation phase is over, because that only causes anxiety and apprehension in me, but its not as easy as it may seem.

As we move into the season of when people are becoming more aware of things they are grateful for, I wanted to put this out there. We should show our gratefulness, our happiness, our appreciation every day! Who doesn't like to learn that they are a blessing to someone, or the reason they smiled that day if even for a moment. Giving without expectation is a huge thing for people, so many expect something in return. For me doing something nice for someone makes me happy. Whether its listening to a rant, cooking a meal and sharing the left overs, making someone's coffee the way they like it, its the little things that make someone smile sometimes. Its the angels that have been put in my life that make me smile and help me get through the times when frustration takes over and I just want to give up. Random acts of kindness are not a bad thing if you truly mean them. If you are doing good things with expectation of some sort of return, you are not embracing the true meaning of being an angel.

To all my angels out there I am so grateful that you have come into my life, you make me smile and I appreciate everyone of your for your acts of kindness, generosity and support every day of the year, not just during the holidays. To the 30+ angels that I care for and call my own, I hope that I can create a world where you are happy, loved and cared for as long as you bless my life!

Happy Holidays everyone! May you live your life with kindness and happiness!

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